The story of Hillbluffer (jack) and Bianni (tina)

The bear and the bushbaby are two characters Tina and I played in an online game / chatroom called FurryMUCK.

I used to hang around there about six hours a night, and most of the weekend, and it was much the same for Tina.

One evening, we met in "West Corner of the Park", and that, as they say was that. After talking for extended periods, we decided to meet at Confurence Seven in California, where I proposed, and we've been pretty much inseperable since then.

As for FurryMUCK, I spend little time there now, not because I don't treasure the friends I made there, but because being married, I'd rather spend my free time with my wife.

   Here's Hillbluffer and Bianni as Plushies, sort of.

For our anniversary, Tina dressed up a teddy as Hillbluffer for me...
She made the blue jeans, t-shirt, suspenders, portfolio, glasses, nametag, and belt loop watch.  Sadly, only one third of the details show here, due to the poorness of the photo  *sigh*   To give you a better idea of how it looks, I painted the 'glasses' into the picture.

The bushbaby I bought for her at a Target store.  It's part of the Discovery channel 'Wild Babies' collection, and is the closest to a real Bushbaby we've found yet
(tho the tail and the fingers/toes are too short, in Tina's opinion)