We've got two cats, Coffee and Harley.

Coffee in the kitchen by the 
food dishes

Leave the fridge towel alone!

Coffee looking for mischief by the kitchen sink...

This is harley, our "sort of" maine coon.
Her fur's not as long as most coons' I've seen, so obviously she's a mixed breed. But she's got the markings, the size and temperament ;)

Zonked out on the couch while Tina plays Skyrim beside

We also have a 30 gallon tank full of one albino
Corey catfish, and three clown loaches
Some shots of the tank down south are on Flickr

Dec 2015 - Had to have another cat put down :(

Sally had a growth appear on one of her hind legs.
The vet said not much could be done, so we had to let her go.
Sally, still in the window; lazy, lazy!

Sally on our bed

Here's a better shot of Sally

9/15/2015 - We had to have one of our cats put down today :(

Lillan had inoperable cancer; when started spending most of her time hiding under the bed,
and we figured that was pretty much it.

I'm going to miss the noisy little stinker.

Here's Lillan (the boss of the house)
"helping" with Tina's Barbies

Here's Sally (left) and Lillan in the bay window of our old house in Palm Harbor