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Robot Toys

Anime (aka Japanese Cartoons) has always been an interest of mine, ever since I first saw Astroboy and Kimba on TV. One of the major themes in anime is giant robots, many that transform or combine. Needless to say, I wanted them all...

Over the years, I collected several hundred toy robots, mainly the "Transformers" series marketed by Hasbro, but also some direct Japanese imports.  After I got married, I ended up selling off or giving away all but a few.

These are the ones I have on a shelf out in the bedroom; there are a few others still packed away in the storeroom from when we moved.

Part of my Robotech / Macross collection; the was released as the Transformer "Jetfire" in the U.S., but those who know, realize this is the "Rick" version Valkyrie from the first Macross episode... aka Bandai's version of the Veritech VF-1J

Part of my Robotech / Macross collection; the original "Skull Leader" version Valkyrie with snap-on armor and boosters. aka Bandai's version of the Veritech VF-1S

Part of my Robotech / Macross collection; Veritech / Cyclone ride armor, aka Veritech Cyclone VR-041

This little guy is a Gakken Alpha Fighter from the third section of Robotech .
It's almost a keychain version of the VAF-6J fighter.

Here's another oddball I bought "show unseen" at a mall.

Goggle V 

Bioman  is another toy that I never saw the show of.

 Combattra is one I picked up at a mall, having never seen the related show.  He's fallen prey to the usual problem of toys with rubber treads; both treads are somewhat cracked, and one has severed entirely.