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Pocket Dragons

I began collecting these cute little fellows, as a result of receiving "Tickle", my first piece as a Christmas present several years ago, from my mother. I used to look at them in the window of Gateway Books and grin, but when mom gave the impression that she going to buy me one, I told her not to. So one Christmas, she just refused to listen...*grin

And what I figured would happen, happened...as soon as I got the first one, he snuck to the door of my apartment late one night, and let all his friends in....and now I've got 27 of the little fellows, on a shelf in the living room...*grin*

The best part of this was at our wedding reception in Florida... what we used as the cake topper was the bride and groom dragons that came out just that year. Everybody thought it was really cute...and it was scarily appropriate.  Like the dragons came out because we were getting married, just in time...

Lately, dragon collecting has been a low priority.  When you're married, other expenses are more important; so the dragons I've gotten since the wedding have been gifts, for Christmas or Birthday.

If you see me at a convention, chances are, I'll be wearing "Pocket Rider" one of the several pins in my collection, and when I'm wearing a tie, I usually use my 'Blue Ribbon Dragon' cloisonne pin for a tie-tack. 

My Collection: 
  • A Different Drummer
  • A Little Security    
  • Big Heart   
  • Friends   
  • Little Bit
  • Monster
  • I'll Be the Groom
  • I'll Be the Bride    
  • Grr I'm a Monster
  • Nature Lesson
  • Nap Time
  • Oh, Goody!
  • Pick Me Up
  • Playing Dress-up
  • Playing Footsie
  • Pocket Posey
  • Pocket Rider
  • Sleepy Head
  • Slipper Sleeper
  • Snuggles
  • Tag A Long
  • Tickle
  • Twinkle Toes
  • What Cookie?    
  • You Cant Make Me
  • Wee Three Kings
  • Zoom Zoom
  • A Big Hug    
  • Bitsy    
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Dragon    
  • Want a Bite?
  • "Binky", plush dragon
If you want to see photos of the above, you can look at the copy of my old site "The Pocket Dragon Cave" stored on  archive.org

However, I moved two years ago, and my collection is still packed away.  That leads me to wonder if I ought to sell all but three or four.  Still considering the idea....