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Bruce Campbell

Yes, I like Bruce Campbell... a lot...

Like most other fans, I came across his work in the first "Evil Dead" movie, and was forever thereafter hooked. The Sam Raimi cheesey humor and stooge-like sound effects helped, but I've seen him in a lot of other (hell ALL) projects since then, and I just like the work he does. I could list all the stuff of his I've seen, but why bother?... YOU probably don't care...

I've watched all his movies (yes, at least a little of them all) and except for a couple, enjoyed them all.  I did start watching Burn Notice to see him, but stayed, because of the rest of the cast and the excellent writting.

Lesse... what all swag have I got?...

 First and foremost, the three movies with Sam, on VHS:
  • Evil Dead
  • Evil Dead II
  • Army of Darkness

I may, sometime in the future, spring for the DVDs with all the extras, if I can get my wife to let me...

I did manage to collect all the "Brisco County Jr" episodes, but have yet to watch them all.

I saw all the "Jack of all Trades" episodes when they first aired, but now have them all on DVD

Other DVDs:

At one time I had an autographed copy of his book, but it got left behind when I last moved.

I've got one of the "Movie Maniacs 3" Ash figures by McFarlane Toys. This little pic doesn't do the excellent sculpt justice.

I still haven't finished "Hail to the King" yet; I guess I just don't have the dexterity or patience, though it IS fun. Ash in this game doesn't have the smoothness (!?!) of the Ash in the movies, is a little stiff, and hard to control. But with a lot of practice, you CAN manage.