Garage Kits and Dolls

A guy?...collecting dolls?!? Weeeeeeeeeel, sort of. Let me explain.

I've been a big fan of Disney movies, and Disney heroines, ever since "The Little Mermaid"; so I did some collecting of memorabilia associated with those films. When Disney put Ariel on the screen, I collected a pile of the PVC figurines, postcards, etc, etc. So naturally, I picked up one of the Ariel dolls. I looked at the Applause doll, but was unsatified with the face sculpt, so I ended up buying a Mattel Ariel.


I've been an Anime fan for ages, so when I found out that Bandai had produced some "Dirty Pair" dolls, I had to have them! Bandai did a pretty
fair job with them, even if the dolls do look a little "pudgy" compared to the anime and manga.

Dark Horse is currently marketing a statue based on the art of Adam Warren; the figures are well sculpted, but the faces aren't exactly the same as Warren's art... hence why I'm not even tempted to get them.

Closely related to dolls are what's called "garage kits"... Resin or Plastic figures produced with low tech machines, as if made in someone's garage, hence the name. The one resin kit I have is on older version of "Priss" in her "BubbleGum Crisis" hardsuit. Luckily, given my skills, I was able to purchase it locally, assembled and painted... It's not this kit, (which I'd love to have)... the one I have is much earlier.

One place to see a LOT of good kits is "Gremlins in the Garage" Btw, I've drawn a couple of versions of this suit myself; my art's here...

When I got married, my wife inherited all the dolls...

This is not all bad, tho; Tina's heavily into dolls, most especially Barbies, and is an avid customizer.

After watching the Batman Animated series, I became a big fan of Bruce Timm's art, especially the way he draws women...

One character that really caught my eye was "Harley Quinn" ( google) ... I've been collecting all the comics of her with Well, Tina was nice enough to take a Mattel Ariel, and make a Harley out of her for me! Personally, I think this doll is head and shoulders above the lame comercially made doll. The facial expression is far closer to one of Timm's toothy female grins... *chuckle*


I eventually bought an "Aqua Fantasy Ariel" for my wife for christmas, one year.

In return, she bought me a "Jessica Rabbit", a year or so after that.

Yes, I liked "Toy Story" and found I just HAD to have a Buzz of my own! This is the first version they released, not the later ones with extra gadgets...  Sadly, I decided not to keep it when I moved.

 Then there's the action figures that kick butt...

"Say hello to disco for me!"

Yes, I've got one of the "Movie Maniacs 3" Ash figures by McFarlane Toys. This little pic doesn't do the excellent scupt justice; how about a bigger picture?

I could go on more at length, but why not take a look at my little shrine to Bruce for that, eh?

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