Many years ago, I used to be a thriving "fan artist".  I started out doing "swipes" of comics I read, but soon graduated to doing concepts straight out of my imagination. 

After I got married, I pretty much gave up drawing, expect for the occasional item the wife asked me for.  I had been drawing for years, and used to draw a great deal of anime influenced art.  One reason I gave up drawing it is that I found the anime fandom to be very clannish, and very good at shunning newcomers, and "outsiders"... It seemed to me that unless you knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody... that nobody wanted much to do with you, or your artwork. The reaction I always used to get is "ho hum, yet another fan artist"... Especially from the "good" folks at Antartic Press who ignored my letters and contest contributions repeatedly. On top of that got tired of the rather trollish criticism I was subjected to on some of the online archives I posted art to.

I began to feel I really wasn't that good, and because of that, I took most of my art down

The art below are a couple of Macross images I drew using a mouse in Microsoft Paint; not too bad considering that handicap, eh?


(warning! other artists on that site are NOT SAFE for all audiences)

(warning! other artists on that site are NOT SAFE for all audiences)