I've been an Anime / Manga fan since I first saw Astroboy and Kimba on TV in Florida. Since then, I've carried on an interest in Japanese animation art and transforming robots for years, and was lucky enough to spend 18 months in Yokota back in 1974, while I was in the US Air Force. I got watch stuff like "Mighty Raideen", Casshan, Gatchaman right off TV...

Seems like about 2 years after I got back, that it all the things I enjoyed overseas seemed to follow me back to the US.

I'd enjoyed the exploits of the "Lovely Angels" ("Dirty Pair") for many years, and have been drawing Kei and Yuri with pen and ink, and even on an old CGA drawing program.  Needless to say, these books / videos were 'grey market' imports, and most weren't translated...   I was delighted when I heard there was going to be a new comic book based on them. "Biohazards" was the most sexy and purely fun comic I'd read in years... Adam Warren's rendition of "The Pair" is by far my favorite one, and he's come to be on of my favorite american "anime" artists.  I've bought nearly every issue of the "Dirty Pair" comic, and most of the rest of Adam's work that I could find, since then.......

Many folks got involved with Anime fandom as a result of Carl Macek's importation / translation of the three series Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeda... You may know the series better by it's US name, Robotech.  It was and still is good, but now seems dated in comparison to newer movies and tv shows.

My favorite Anime "series" of all time has to be Bubblegum Crisis... I bought the VHS cassettes from AnimEigo via mail order, long before it got popular, and started showing up in retail stores.  I was really pleased when Adam Warren tackled the Knight Sabers in his "Grand Mal" series. As with "The Dirty Pair", Adam caught the flavor of the series well (tho his Priss was a little more seamy than I expected) and the book turned out to be a real treat. Dennis Moul has a great page on the comics, with pictures of the covers.

I used to draw art based on many of these shows; you can see it on this page.